Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Faith!

27 years ago on the 25th of June, my big sister was born...
(Isn't she cute?)

We didn't do a whole lot to celebrate yesterday since she and I will be spending the weekend with friends. We did have a special birthday meal, and of course she opened her presents. One was given to her early so that she could wear it to the ICHE convention; it was a cute brown skirt from Mom and Dad.

Favorite candy - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

I found a unique plaid skirt that will be perfect for winter weather.

She also received a denim jacket, a book by one of her favorite authors, and brown, flowered flip-flops.

Happy Birthday, Fe! We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For Jaimie G.

This post is for Jaimie Gambill who enjoys all the silly pictures we put up here!

We don't lack for subject matter in that department! My siblings have provided us with plenty of picture taking opportunities ever since they were little. There were some really great pictures that I was not allowed to put up here (rats!), but I'm sure you'll enjoy the ones that made the cut!

Computer science class was livened up by these two who found a new use for part of the floppy disks. Floppy disks! We must be getting old! Have you ever tried this?

Mel Jason
Football, anyone?
They made shoulder pads by stuffing doll clothes under their pjs. Don't they look fierce?
They were always dressing up. This time it was the snake charmer and her black cobra in his basket. Jason even had a forked red tongue made out of paper.
I'm not sure what inspired this get-up, but does it really matter? By putting gloves on their feet, were they trying to walk on their "hands"?
Melody put over 50 paper clips in Jason's hair.
Silly faces
Melody and the Kalebaugh twins
This picture was taken at a party where many strange things happened!
I suppose that's one way to play Twister.
Have you heard the story about Melody hiding in the garbage container (It was new and clean.) to scare Jason?
As I was going through these pictures to get my siblings to give their okay to post them, I asked Jason why they put these bags on their heads. He replied, "Because they were there."
Bowling balls with faces.
As you can see, they haven't outgrown their love of silly-ness, but I wouldn't change them for anything!
Melody pointed out that there aren't any "Faith" pictures in this post. I wonder why? ;-)
Just another normal day at the Hemmer house!
If you want to see their newest accomplishment, ask them to play "possum".

Thursday, June 11, 2009

ICHE Convention

Last weekend we attended the ICHE convention in Naperville. We were too busy to get many pictures, so I used a couple from other blogs as well.

I don't have any pictures of Mom, Dad, and Mel at their jobs. Melody was in charge of the Hospitality Room. The speakers and volunteer workers could go there to get their snacks and meals. Dad and Mom ran the Oasis which was a place for people relax and receive advice from veteran homeschoolers.

Jason worked at the recording table most of the time.
I ran errands and helped out at a speaker's table along with Megan and Elli. We look really busy, don't we?
This year Melody was asked to speak in one of the evening workshops. She shared how God has led her through each of her artistic endeavors. Throughout the years, He gave her one step at a time, and she did not even realize that He was preparing her for the next opportunity to use her gifts for him. At the end of the session, she gave a chalk talk.
The verse she used was Proverbs 3:5-6. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart...and He will direct your paths."
When the blacklight picture was revealed, Jesus was pointing to the path.
I know other people were blessed by her session because I was one of them!
Melody and I were asked to play prelude music before a few of the keynote sessions.
I loved playing on that grand!
This was Miss Alaina's first convention, and everybody loved talking to her and holding her. As you can see from the picture, she likes her fingers! Gretchen graciously allowed me to be the baby-holder during one of the workshops she attended. I sure enjoyed it!!!!
I had to lean over a desk to get this picture of her, so that's why the angle is weird. She was so cute sleeping with her thumb in her mouth that I had to post it!
Two pretty ladies, Helena and Melody, getting in some visiting time.
The thing I love most about the convention is working alongside special friends!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jason's Birthday

Yesterday was Jason's 24th birthday. Doesn't he look thrilled? Actually he was being weird and making faces while I was trying to get a picture of him, so this is what gets posted.
First the curly ribbon went on top of his head...
then one of his new shirts...
and his next presents went in his ears. That's my brother for you!
Two of the dvds we ordered for him had not arrived yet, so Melody made up some notes for him to unwrap. He thought she'd given him an empty box (I wouldn't put it past her!) because it was so light.
After Jason finished opening his gifts, I had a turn. No, we do not share a b-day. Mom wanted to give me one of my presents early so I could wear it to the convention we are attending this weekend.
I don't think Jason minded too much since he wouldn't really want to wear my gift.
You know how people sometimes bring siblings a gift when they attend a birthday party so the other children don't feel left out...
Melody jokingly commented the other day that she needed a present too, so I bought one of her favorite things for her--chocolate!
Since his birthday dinner was so yummy and filling, we waited a while to have dessert. His choice was white chocolate chip cranberry cake and Fannie May Mint Meltaway ice cream.
My siblings were taking silly pictures of themselves, but I'll only post a couple of the nicer ones! ;-)
Aww...aren't they cute?

Happy birthday, Jase! We love you!