Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Suprise Party Videos

These videos would not upload the other day when I posted the pictures, so here they are now.

Wolfgang and the Kotzem family sang a German birthday song to Dawn Lee.

Jason likes to throw Christian into the air so he can do a flip of some sort.

Next all the guys tossed him around like a hot potato!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Surprise Parties

We went to two surprise birthday parties these past two Mondays. The first one was for Dawn Lee, and it was hosted at her house! We all met in town and then drove out to the house in one big caravan honking as we drove in the driveway. She was completely suprised! Her husband even pretended to go to work but instead met up with us to join in the fun.

The second party was for Wolfgang and Joschi (Yo-shee). Wolfgang came over from Germany several years ago when he married Lauren. They have the Kotzem family visiting from Germany for three weeks, and Joschi turned 13 the same day Wolfgang turned 50.

I decided to combine the pictures since they were at the same house and basically the same people were there.

Wolfgang thought he was just going out to the Lee's house for dinner, but unbeknownst to him, we were all waiting in the garage with 50 water balloons for him and 13 for Joschi. Our cars were hidden, so they were very suprised to be ambushed by all of us.

It was hot in the garage, and I think a few of the balloons didn't even make it to their intended victims! The surprised guys. Joschi is in the red shirt.

As soon as we were done singing "Happy Birthday", Kaleb leaned over and blew out the candles!We all laughed, but then we re-lit the candles for the real birthday boys.

Melody made the cakes for Dawn's b-day--strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. They looked so pretty with the fresh berries and lemon balm leaves around them.
Dad and Lauren were the sacrificing grill masters. It was a hot job!

Kaleb's cast wouldn't allow him to get water out of the cooler and hold a cup at the same time.

He found this most frustrating and was attempting to drink right from the spigot when we found him, so Dawn helped him out.

She figured since he'd already put his mouth on it, she might as well!
The water went all over his shirt, so he stuck it in his mouth and got a drink that way.
Finally a cup of water with help from mom!
Most of the kids and many adults took advantage of the cool water in the pool.


Poor Jamie was splashed and then dragged in the pool when he arrived straight from work.
Dawn and Jessica (the oldest Lee who's married to Jamie) were walking along when...
Jamie decided to greet his mother-in-law with a nice wet hug!
The Kotzem family and Wolfgang sang a birthday song in German to Dawn at her party.

The only problem was that they didn't know the same song since the Kotzems are from East Germany and Wolfgang is from West Germany. Wolfgang did as best he could, and we enjoyed listening to them. It's been fun getting to know them!

Frank, Joschi, Antonia, Lena, Wolfgang, Elias (ee-leeias), and Ines (Ee-nis)
Antonia and Frank, Joschi and Adrian Lena is so cute.
She and Antonia don't speak English, but they always give you a really big smile.
Chicken fighting.
The object of the game is to pull or push the other person into the water.
No, they're not hugging each other. The guys love to wrestle. I think it must just be their way of showing affection. Do you ever see girls doing that?
Best friends.Jason, Joy and Zoe.

Zoe is about to be dropped.

The big guys had to get in on the fun too, but I think it was a little more difficult!
Jordan and Antonia

Just like his daddy, Hiram loves machinery and anything that goes.

He played on the 4-wheeler almost all night.

Lena and Kaleb get along really well together.
It's fun seeing them talk--Lena in German and Kaleb in his English baby-talk.

I had get a picture of Crystal playing with the little kids.

Kaleb wanted me to come join them, but I told him I didn't think I would fit in there too!
Ines, Mom, Frank, and John Kalebaugh
Soccer time (football for the Germans)
Uno AttackTime for smores

I liked the silhouette of the buildings against the setting sun. God's handiwork added beauty to our evening of celebration!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jason's 1st Annual Company Picnic

Last Saturday Jason hosted Mirror Landscape's first annual company picnic. Most of his employees and their families were able to join us at Camp Emmaeus for a cookout and lots of fun games. Jason bought lots of prizes for people of all ages.
There were soccer balls, footballs, fishing gear, jewelry, t-shirts, hats, pool stuff, lots of candy, an airsoft gun....
squirt guns, jump ropes, camping chairs, coloring books, nerf guns, bubble guns, games, more candy, toys, and much more!

Jason had a few games for the guys to try. One was the Toro Challenge where they had to drive the mower around and see how much trash they could pick up in 60 seconds.

Isaac had to get in on the fun, but without driving the mower of course!

I think Jordan won this contest with 18 pieces of trash picked up in 60 seconds.

There were two things everybody was looking forward to the most. One was the prizes and the other was swimming!

There were approximately 48 people in attendance and everyone came away with something fun.

Waiting for your name to be called..."Oo, pick mine, pick mine!"

Kaleb and one of the little Haas girls won the bubble guns. They really had fun filling the air with thousands of little bubbles!

While we waited for the pool to open a couple of games of volley ball were played.

The younger ones (and some of us adults!) played at the park.

I lost track of how many times I helped Kaleb climb those stairs and slide down - he was ready to keep going, but I was too tired!

Yay - time for swimming!

The diving board was definitely popular, especially with the guys. They kept trying different flips and ways to make the biggest splash. It took Jason a while to work up the nerve to try a back flip!

Kaleb loved the water and was very good about keeping his cast up so it wouldn't get wet.

Air time!

I love Isaac's scream in this clip!



Everyone had a great time, and I couldn't help being proud of my brother for all that he has done with his company. God has really blessed his business!