Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twin's 18th Birthday

Our friends, the Kalebaugh twins, recently celebrated their 18th birthday.
Crystal decided to throw them a surprise party.
For something different and fun, she requested that all the attendees do silly or strange things with their hair.
Mel was Crystal's beautician.
Melody had alot of fun with her hair. No, that's not permanent dye. She colored her hair with washable markers. Jason even helped her out; it's not often you get to color on someone's head.
It washed out very easily with shampoo and water. I think the artist in her really enjoyed the different colors.
For my hairstyle, Mel took some fake hair and added it to my own. The colors matched pretty well.
The twins came home and were surprised to find 12 extra people waiting for them. It didn't take them long to get in on the fun!
For the third time, Mel played beautician.

I'm not sure if Becky was a little worried how her hair would end up, but we all thought it looked pretty cute.
Zoe and Gabrielle did Rachel's hair.
Quite the style!
The birthday girls
...and their sis (with Zoe in the background)
Technically it was a girl party, but Sawyer was happily admitted by everyone.
Who wouldn't want an adorable baby to hold?
He was probably the most popular person there!
Group pic
Crystal made three kinds of cookie dough (without eggs), and we had our choice of mix-ins.
Sugar, oatmeal, and chocolate dough with butterscotch, peanut butter, and white, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate chips. It was delicious!!!!!
We tried guess each person's baby picture, and it was pretty difficult with two sets of twins there.
For the second part of the game, we played the memory/match game using the baby pictures and a recent photo of everyone.
Happy 18th, Becky and Rachel!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Inexpensive Entertainment

Proof that we are easily amused!
These spools were remnants from the ribbons that we used to decorate Jason's mall display during the Christmas season. Jason and Alyssa invented their own homemade version of Jenga!
Pull one out....stack it on tall can you go before the tower collapses?

Hmm...which spool next...this one?

AHHH!!! Nope! Wrong choice!

Alright, how many can you balance on your head?

Concentrate...Don't move...Balance...Not bad!

I must say, the evening was full of laughter and the entertainment was cheap!