Saturday, July 25, 2009

Therese's wedding

Last weekend was spent with our relatives on my mom's side. My cousin Therese married Dan on Saturday. While we were waiting for the bride and groom to come out...Jason blew bubbles at Melody.
Our cousin John thought that was a good idea!
Alexa loved the bubbles!
She thought it was funny when they popped on her face.
The happy couple!
While waiting for the reception to begin, a number of us went back to the hotel where many of the out-of-town relatives were staying.
We played Spoolka.
Speed scrabbleTom, John, and Mel
Mom, Ashley, and Aunt Denise
Mel updating her Facebook status on her ipod
Dad, Uncle Gary, and John watched the White Sox game for a while.
The appetizers at the reception were wonderful!
What do you do when you're waiting around? Take pictures of course!
Aunt Nanette saw us and said, "Wait. Something is missing!"
Aw...don't they look cute?
The landscaping outside made a pretty background.

Our Florida cousins, John and Ashley
I love my bro!

John D, Dale, and Ricky IV
Family picture time!
All of my mom's siblings made it to this event!
In age order-Gary, Kim, Denise, Nanette, Tammy, Mom, and John.
When you get the sisters together, they all start sounding like each other.
We're a pretty big group, and we were even missing some.
We enjoyed being a part of Therese and Dan's special day!
Then next afternoon, we had a cookout at my cousin Rick's house.
We had a bean bag tournament.
Uncle John and our host, Rick III

The spectators
Aunt Denise was always really fun to watch. She gets so excited!
Dale was ready for a swim!
I think Ricky was a little cold. He was covered in a towel.
He loved being thrown into the pool!
The little kids enjoyed the air plaything. What do you call it?

Kaitlyn and Alexa
We had a fun afternoon together!