Friday, October 31, 2008

Reformation Day Faire

Last Saturday, Mom, Dad, and I went to a Reformation Day Faire near Peoria. Providence Church and the McDonald family did a wonderful job hosting this fun event! Having never been to the Reformation Day before, we didn't know all what to expect, but we really enjoyed ourselves!
We learned about the Scottish Reformation and John Knox and spent the day visiting with friends and joining in all the activies. Since Melody wasn't there to help with the picture taking, I didn't get shots of everything, so I swiped a few pictures off a couple different blogs. I can't be everywhere at once, can I?
It was fun listening to the bagpipes.
Here's one of the swiped pictures (Obviously, since my camera is in my hand.). It was windy and a bit cool, but the sunshine was wonderful. The English are waiting for the Scots to charge during the Boffer War.
These Scots must have been taking a break from fighting.
Onward! A little one-on-one skirmishing
I had to get a picture of this little cutie!
One of the events in the Highland Games was the Caber Toss. The log was flipped once, and the distance of the throw was marked where the small end landed.
These two guys were in charge of retrieving the log and helping the contestant get it balanced for the throw. Lots of back and forth work for them! I'm not sure what this game was called, but look at the size of that rock!
I wish my brother had been able to be there that day. This kind of game is right up his alley!

The onlookers...

and those waiting for their turn to compete... Weaving, arts and crafts, sketching, and candlemaking were some of the booths set up in the Town Square.
While waiting for the Psalm singing to begin, I took this picture of the man playing the bagpipes. I didn't lighten the pic because I liked how he was silhouetted against the stained glass window.
During chapel time, Nathan Clark George performed some of his songs, and Pastor McDonald gave a message about John Knox.
This little guy was worn out from his busy day. He crashed on his sister's lap before supper even began. Too adorable!
We ended the evening with dancing! Amber was my partner for most of the dances. She even taught me how to do the Polka step.
In case you can't tell by that smile, she loves to dance!
Our parents watched us mostly, but Mom and Dad did join in on the Virginia Reel.
Swing your partner...
Waltz time
This couple really knew how to waltz. They were fun to watch.
I loved seeing all the costumes that day.Part of this round dance included the California Twirl. Somehow I always end up being the guy whenever we do this move. I'm not sure I would know how to do it if I am ever the girl!
I enjoyed meeting new people and spending time with friends.
Now that's the way to make your exit.
Thanks for the fun day, McDonalds!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


No, we're not triplets, but Melody and Crystal have been mistaken for sisters many times.
A few weeks ago, we took these pictures out at the campground and had fun posing with our matching shirts. Do great minds think alike, or are some of us copycats? ;-)
Can you guess which person was the first to get her shirt? No fair telling if you already know!
Joy was tagging along with us that afternoon,
and she decided she needed to get in on the pictures even though she didn't match.
She wants to go shopping with us on our next girl day, and she loves to pose for pictures with us.We were doing solo shots, and, of course, she had to have some by herself too!
We can't tell her to smile, or she gives us this face. She thinks she's smiling.
Our 3-year-old buddy with someone who shares her name--Melody Joy.

I like this last shot of Mel and I.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A visit with the newlyweds

Melody and I visited this fun newlywed couple for a few days this week, and we had a wonderful time!
Gretchen recieved a package from a friend while we were there. Bet you can't tell what was in it!
Notice the baby sling is in neutral colors. They are 90% sure they are having a girl, but you never know! This way the sling can be used for the next baby too. This is the newest addition to their family.
Mel enjoyed playing with Buttons, and I think the feeling was mutual.
One of the days, Gretchen took us to Walnut Point State Park. We hiked a 2-mile trail and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors.
She and Kyle have decided the trail difficulty is measured by number of benches, paved or non-paved, and the terrain. We were on moderately difficult trail. It was not paved and it only had one bench. Later we were brave and took a side trail into the unknown! It had a ravine and no benches--we were quite the explorers! ;-)
The bench was great for pictures. Some people say Melody and I look alot alike, and while normally I don't agree, I do think we resemble each other in this picture.
A silly picture
Are you all tired out, girls?
What an artistic shot! was a little contrived. We had to hunt for the different colors of leaves, but the fungus was there originally!
Natural modern art
I braved the weeds for this picture. The tree was huge!
The ravine of the difficult trail had steps going down one side but not the other. What's up with that? The trees surrounding the lake were so beautiful!

It was interesting taking pictures of all three of us.
We had to find some place to put the camera and then set the timer.
I think this was our favorite tree.
The brilliant red was so gorgeous! The picture doesn't do it justice!

Kyle thought of putting these flowers in our bedroom to welcome us. He picked them from their flower garden outside. They were so bright and colorful!
We talked, played games, talked, cooked, talked, ate, talked, watched a movie, talked, visited some friends, talked, hiked, and hmmm....talked some more! We had other options of things we could do, but we had so much fun visiting that we didn't get around to doing them all!

Notice the baby is in the picture too! A few more months and we'll get to see who she is!!!!

Thanks for inviting us! We had a great time with you both!