Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yes, we know, it has been ages since we've updated the blog! It's not that we haven't done anything interesting - on the contrary, we've just been so busy with everything!

Faith, Alyssa and I have been working for my brother's company, Mirror Landscapes, this year. He's had us weeding, spreading mulch and trimming bushes. The extra income is nice, but some of these days of working have been HOT!

Recently, after one sweltering afternoon's labor, we decided to cool off with a water fight.

We didn't bother with water balloons; our water jugs suited us just fine!

Faith is poised to strike...

Oops, water in the eyes!

Ah, it was so refreshing!

Fe and I decided to have a face-off. Back-to-back, count, take 10 steps and throw the water....That was what I told her anyway...I know, I'm devious!
She barely made it past, "One...two..." And I whirled around and dumped my jug on her! Heeheeheee... (that's my wicked little chuckle)
Of course she chased after me yelling, "No fair! Cheater!"
When Jason arrived we decided he needed to participate in the fun - whether he wanted to or not!
We had him sit in a chair while we ice cold water over his head!
I love his facial expressions in these pictures!
"Ahhh!! That's...COLD!!"
What a fun way to cool off on a sweltering summer day. :)