Thursday, August 29, 2013

Water fun and animal sounds!

Mia loves to play in the little wading pool we have for her, but she obviously wasn’t too thrilled about the towel.

 The new brand of superhero! You’ve heard of Batman…Spiderman…Well, meet Frog Baby!

 We took her to the splash pad last week, but she wasn’t too sure about all that cold water shooting up at her.

  And then yesterday we took her to the pool.

 After a while, she found it was just as much fun to hide behind the chairs as it was to play in the water!

 She is quite the little monkey.
Our little girl loves to dance and "sing".  I thought we'd share some of her cuteness!

We had Mia go through all of her animal sounds today (except that I skipped “sheep”). Our favorite is her rooster noise!!!!! The first one I asked her was “dog”. It is a little cut off in the video. Her last two are what Daddy and Mommy say. Mommy’s is “ow” because that’s where she is in this state of her pregnancy. And for anybody that knows my brother, his is self-explanatory!