Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Need a smile?

I know our posts are mostly Mia related right now, but how can one resist posting a picture of this little cutie?!!!  She turned 7 months old yesterday!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby girl is 6 months old!

Her munchkin look

Daddy and his girl

Two pretty girls!

Love her smile!

She's growing up so fast, but we love every minute with our Mia baby!

Her eyes are beautiful!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New sidewalk!

Last year for Christmas, Jason and Alyssa gave us the gift of a paved sidewalk.  This past Saturday and Sunday, he had time to install it.  The traffic from our students had created a path in the back yard from the street to the patio.  Winter and spring weather turned that path to mud, so this is a much needed and appreciated addition!

The base layer was gravel, and in this picture, Jason is smoothing the sand layer.

Making sure it's straight
Look at the size of the roots we had to get out--some of them were as big around as my arm is!  Thankfully Jason used his skid-steer to pop them up.  Then Dad chopped them off with an ax.

Mel and I mostly helped the second afternoon.  Alyssa and Mia were there on Saturday, and somebody had to sacrifice and hold the baby! :)  I gladly helped entertain her!
The two goofs being themselves.

Mom and I were the paver transporters.

It's getting close!

Brushing the special sand into the grooves.
It was getting pretty chilly by the time they finished Sunday evening, so Mel and I had a nice pot of soup ready for hard workers when they came in.


We still have some dirt and the roots to take away, but we love the end product!  Thanks Jase!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mia's food song

Mia loves to eat!  She does this humming thing quite often when she is eating.  We enjoy everything about this little cutie!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smiles from our Mia baby!

Mia at 4 months old.  It's hard to believe she'll be 6 mo. next week!
In this picture, she looks alot chubbier than she actually is.  The camera on my phone makes everything appear slightly wider, but what is a little extra chub on a baby!?!!!  She's 3 mo. in this pic.   

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Funny quotes by our students

Melody has many opportunities to hear the amusing things her art students come up with.  Almost every day, she has something new to share at the dinner table.  As my students are mostly busy playing the piano instead of talking, I don’t have as many to share, but the kids sure are funny!  I copied these from our Facebook posts over the last couple of years.  I know this is pretty long, but if you need a smile today, read away!

Melody’s kids:

Student: “You know how the wicked queens and evil stepmothers always wear those high, stand-up collars on their dresses in the Disney cartoons? That’s how you’ll always know they’re bad – just look for the collars.”

As a five year old was drawing a muscular, blond, super hero today, he narrated: “Here I am. Who wants me?”
I was trying not to laugh as he added, “He’s not saving the day, he’s just after the girl.”

Then I did laugh.

He quickly amended, “Never mind. He’s not. That’s just gross!”

5 year old student (in all seriousness), “Someday I’m going to Antarctica to hunt.”
“Oh really? What are you going to hunt?”


After talking about babysitting some little boys, my 11 year old art student complained, “It’s exhausting! I mean, it’s not like I’m young anymore!”
(Grin) If 11 is old…oh my!

Student: Have you ever seen a real, live zombie before?
Me: Mm, nope.

Student. Me neither. Wow, we really have a lot in common!!

This afternoon, one of my young students commented on my name and how it’s in a song he knows. I informed him that the meaning of “Melody” is “song” and thus is in the title and lyrics of numerous tunes. I then asked him if he knew what his name meant. He replied matter-of-factly, “No. But I’m sure it means smart and handsome.” Totally made my day!

Me: Now take your paintbrush and we’re going to add some black to the canvas over here…
Student: (holds brush near her ear) “Hello? What? Oh, sure….Sorry, I can’t. My paintbrush just put you on hold.”    I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen before.

Two adorable little boys made me chuckle this morning.
Luke commented, “Girls are weird.”

His older brother, Nick, quickly clarified, “Except for you!”

Luke: “Yeah, younger girls are really weird.”

Nick: “Especially highschool girls – they’re the WEIRDEST!”

Both: “YEAH.”

“My grandmother is named after me.”

Student: “I got this watch for my 7th birthday. My 6th birthday was TERRIBLE.”
Me: “Oh, dear, how come?”

Student: “I don’t remember.”

I was informed today by a little girl that they were going to have a babysitter tonight since her parents were going out on a date. “We don’t go cuz they do icky stuff like *kissing*! I’m not going to do any of that kind of stuff until I’m at least 25, 26, 27, or 28.”

After a rather loud burp, I asked the child, “What do you say?” He responded with something rather unintelligible and I said, “You’re supposed to say, ‘Excuse me.’”
“I did. I said it in Porkadese.”


“That one language: Porkadese.”

“You mean Portuguese?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said. Porku..Porcha…Porkadese.”

This week one young girl was telling me about a story she wrote….”It’s about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her parents got eaten by wolves, so she went to live with her grandparents. Then she got shot and had a baby. She also had a golden retreiver named Joe. And in the end she died.”

Yesterday during art lessons, I had to chuckle when one boy stated, “Girls shouldn’t drive racecars.” When I questioned him as to his reasons, he replied, “Because when they get pregnant they might barf and it’d get all over the inside of the racecar.”

Young student: “I don’t like that one team – the Green Bay Pickles.”
Student’s sister: “What? You mean the Packers?!”

Student: “Yeah, those guys!”

Cute, blond, 5 year old student says seriously, “Orlando Bloom is my biggest fan.”
His older and wiser sister rolls her eyes and responds, “You mean you’re *Orlando Bloom’s* biggest fan.”

He just shrugged like there wasn’t much difference.

One student was telling me about planets and celestial bodies…”Did you know that the sun isn’t actually the largest star? There’s another one way bigger…but I can’t remember the name of it.”
His younger 5 year old brother pipes up, “I know – it’s Jesus, cuz he’s the biggest star.” Ah, yes…you got that right.

When referring to their pool – “My dad says we don’t swim in it enough anymore, so he’s going to sell it. But we still have a little pool that my mom used when she got us that baby child…

From a little boy who comes from a Catholic family: “Do you know all the names of the saints?”
“No.  Since I”m not Catholic, I don’t have them memorized.”
“Do you know the one that said, “Oh MY!!!”
“Uh, nope.”
(hysterical laughter) “Me neither! I just made that up!!!!”~”

My grandma saw a strange person in the sky. We’re pretty sure it was an alien.”

“When I was little I didn’t know how babies were made. I used to think that God had all these parts stored up like eyeballs and noses and lips and stuff. Then he just picked the ones he wanted to make up the new person. Then my dad told me God created us from dust, and that makes a lot more sense!”

“There was this guy with a really cool name, but I forgot what it was. But it was Italyean. I think. Or European. He met his wife somewhere, I don’t remember where. Her name was Betty. And I forgot where they had to move. But it was a cool story! I love Bible school!”

When a student arrived for his art lesson this afternoon, he spotted the Davis Bunn book I had just put down. “What are you reading?”
“It’s called ‘The Black Madonna’ – it’s about a treasure hunter tracking down ancient artifacts and it’s very intense and suspenseful.”

“Oh. Well, I’m reading ‘Snowflake the Surprise Puppy’.”

I think we might have slightly different reading tastes.

Student: I don’t believe Santa lives at the North Pole.
Me: Oh? Why not?

Student: Because we destroyed it with an auto bomb.

Me: You mean an atomic bomb?

Student: Yeah, that thing. So the North Pole is gone now.

Student: Guess what Christmas movie I’m going to watch when I get home?
Me: Uhhh…I have no idea.
Student: Guess!!! It starts with a “W”.

Me: Um. It’s a “Wonderful Life”? I don’t know.

Student: No, “The Grinch”!

Me: That doesn’t start with a “W”!!!

Student: Yeah, I know! That made it harder to guess, didn’t it?

Faith’s students:

One of my 5-yr-old kiddos was waiting to be picked up when my dad walked in to say her mom had arrived. He helped her gather her things and then asked if she knew her shoes were on the wrong feet. She said, “Oh! I’ll fix that!” She then proceeded to cross her legs and walk out the door that way! The shoes may have looked right, but her legs sure looked funny!!! We had to laugh!

A 6 year old student was playing a song entitled, “If I Won 10 Million Dollars”, and she said, “I would put it in the bank, but I’m not sure if it would hold it all!” I think she was picturing actual money sitting in her account. Then she said, “But I’d use some of it to buy a metal detector. Because I found $7 out at the cabin! I could find more if I had one of those detectors!” Spending part of her 10 million to find $7 leads me to believe she doesn’t really have a concept of how much that is!

Lillian (age 7): “I’m SOOOOO tired!” Me: “Why?” L. (very dramatically accompanied by a roll of they eyes): “Because someone is in love with me.” Me (trying not to laugh): “Oh really!?!” L (shaking her head and sighing): “Yes, I’ve been running away from them all day!!!! He was chasing me. That’s why I’m so tired!”

“We watched a movie at school today, and you have to be REALLY old –at least 4–to see it because it would be really creepy otherwise!” – (at the ripe old age of 6)

“When Daddy is good for a whole week, he gets a special privilege…a tickle fight! The thing Leonard (little brother) and I hate the most is to be tickled. So Daddy’s privilege is getting to tickle us…but only if he’s good!” Where that comment came from, I have no idea. What constitutes “Being good.” I wonder?

Kids are hilarious!  Their comments definitely make our teaching days more interesting!  Hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mia's 1 and 2 Month Old Pictures

 Our sweet Mia - one month old pictures!

Notice the onesie?
 Yep, Daddy's little mascot.
These next pictures were taken when Mia was 2 months old. 
Time sure flies!

 Doesn't she have the most gorgeous eyes?

 I love to watch my brother enjoying his little girl.

They sure are a cute family... :-)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Amelia Irene Hemmer
Born May 4, 2012
6 lb. 2 oz. 
18 3/4 in.

 Mommy and baby are happy and healthy!

Four generations!

Jason said he was nervous when he changed Mia's diaper for the first time - she's just so tiny!

Grandma holding Mia for the first time...

Grandpa praying for his first grandaughter...

Auntie Mel and her niece!

Aunt Fe and Mia

Those are Mia's footprints over Jason's heart.

We might be a little biased, but we think she's the prettiest, sweetest baby ever!