Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Twins!

The day after Valentine's Day was Becky and Rachel's 17th birthday.
To commemorate their special day, Dawn brought confetti to dump on them after church!

Of course many of the kids (and not so little kids) had to get in on the fun, and a confetti fight started.
Hiram is not crying, he's laughing. He thought it was so funny!
Later on that afternoon, a big group of us went to a bowling alley that was having a special rate.
As always, Crystal was ready with her camera.
It's very important to get just the right ball.
The looks before bowling...
Kathy Zigler
Determination and concentration--some of us take this seriously.
I'd say it runs in the family.
Now I'm smiling!
The form...

The Zigler's cousin, Ryan

Now that's interesting form,
but hey, it worked!
Joy and Hiram always clapped and got so excited when they hit some pins!
Mr. and Mrs. K. taking their cue from Kathy and her kids.
Hey, if it worked for them, why not us?The looks after bowling...

Crystal - sheepish

Beck -"Hey! Were you taking pictures of me?"
Cute, Mel!
Aw...a gutter ball?
Strike looks!
Rach -"I did it!"
Mrs. Kalebaugh - a little jump and scream Kathy - "Whoo Hoo!!"John Zigler - "Yes!!!"
Ryan - "My first strike!"
Zoe and her two of her siblings. I'm not sure if they were celebrating a good bowl or just having a group hug.
And now for some pictures of the cheering section; it's a very important role!

Zeb, Ryan, and Reid look SO excited, don't they?

The Kalebaugh parents and Drena
Merle D. (or Bop as most of us call him) and Kathy's sister, Liz joined us later on in the evening.
Joy decided to balance on Mom and Dad.
Jason calls her, "Baby", and she always tells him, "I'm not a baby, I'm JOY!" He hasn't stopped yet, but she forgives him each time and still sits with him.
Time to replenish their strength.
None of us are expert bowlers, but everyone did a little better the second game. Kathy had the top score of the evening at 183!
After bowling, we all went out for pizza.
While we were waiting for it to arrive, we laughed, visited, and colored.
Kathy's mom (yellow sweater) joined us at the bowling alley, and her dad met us at the pizza parlor. It was fun having the Zigler relatives with us that evening.
Jason and his buddy again.
Mmm...time to eat! It was delicious!
I think Zoe and Rach are enjoying it.
The Kalebaugh's, Aunt T, once mistook Melody for a one of the girls as she turned to give her "twinees" a hug goodbye. We all had a good laugh over it, and from then on Mel has been "the third twin". I suppose we should have sung Happy Birthday to her as well that day.
Happy Birthday to two special friends!
It was fun helping you celebrate!