Friday, March 26, 2010


Faith and I decided to kidnap the B. girls before Ava left for a trip to Saudi Arabia. We made it our mission to spoil them and do amusing things to make them smile and laugh. We met at a mall and after doing a little bit of shopping, it was time for a mint brownie break back at the car. Ava loves mint, and I love chocolate, so we figured we couldn't go too wrong with that kind of a treat!

With a day like we had planned, I thought it was appropriate to wear this shirt. It says it all.

And, yes, I really wore these out in public! While we were walking through the mall, I pulled the glasses out of my purse and put them on. You should have seen Ava and Helena's faces! Priceless...

To their credit, the girls still walked with me. I actually got quite a few smiles from different people and even a compliment on how good the glasses looked on me. :)
I know these are for kids, but I'm still a kid at heart.

Helena in a Bob the Builder tractor. Isn't she cute!?!
Ava's mode of transportation to the Middle East?

We found it a bit difficult to fit, but it was fun!

A middle-aged couple walking by smiled at us, and the man even commented that he wanted to join in the fun.

We had always wanted to try one of those photo booths at a mall, and this was the perfect opportunity to do it. After all, it definitely fit with the agenda to smile and laugh! It was a little hard to fit all four of us in there and keep all of our faces in front of the camera. Some of the participants are not much on making faces, but they did a pretty good job! ;)

Ava's face in the second pic is great, and Helena made me crack up when she gasped, "I can't breathe!" Thus, my face in the last one. We have the pictures in our room now, and they make us smile every time we see them!

Next we sat them down on one of the mall benches and gave them each a back rub. Then it was on to Laser Tag! We were too busy there to take any pictures, but take my word for it, we had fun!

Last stop - Olive Garden!
I was so proud of my more reserved sister! She actually put this hat on and walked through the very crowded restaurant to the table where the rest of us were sitting! She did it to make our friends smile, and I think it worked.
We had a very enjoyable day together!

Be a bit silly - check
Smile and laugh at the above - check
Give the girls a bit of spoiling - check
Smile at the above - check
Enjoy our treasured friends - check!
Smile at the above and enjoy their smiles in return - check!

Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


From this picture, can you tell I'm a little behind on blog posts? No snow on the ground now!

A couple of weeks ago, we went skiing at Chestnut Mountain in Galena. My siblings and I went skiing back in December for first time in 9 years. It came back to us pretty quickly, and Melody and I decided we needed to make a return trip!

We're not experts, but we were much more confident this time.

A good number of friends went that day making it extra fun!

Greg and Dad
It was a lovely day! The sun was shining, and the temperatures were fairly warm.
Looking across the Mississippi River into Iowa.
With so many friends there, we never lacked for company on the ride back up the slope on the ski lift.
This was the first time the Kalebaugh girls had ever been skiing, and they did great!
Crystal, Becky, and Mel
Melody and Rachel
The camera wouldn't take a picture at first, and Melody finally had to come to stop right in front of me. It was kind of her not to run me over. ;)

There were no major mishaps, and a fun time was had by all!